Treating Ingrowns with Laser Hair Removal

by / Tuesday, 06 May 2014 / Published in Blog, Laser Treatments, Medical Dermatology


Laser hair removal, a treatment beneficial for removing unwanted facial and body hair using light energy, is often categorized as a cosmetic or elective procedure. In the past twenty years, laser hair removal has gained much popularity for being the most effective solution for hair removal. After several treatments by the laser, coarse hair such as those on the underarms and pubic region begin to thin out and eventually stop growing, leaving behind much smoother, clearer skin.

What is interesting and very much unknown to most is that laser hair removal can also treat folliculitis, the inflammatory process that occurs in the hair follicle due to infection, allergy, or injury such as waxing or shaving. Shaving is usually the cause for the inflammation within the follicle and can occur in both males and females. Folliculitis can occur almost everywhere; head, face, neck, public, and underarms. This condition presents as discolored marks that look as if they are under the skin. Dermatologists are specially trained in treating folliculitis with lasers. Dr. Goulko, dermatologist in Fort Lee, NJ, has had many successful treatments using laser hair removal to treat her patients, both male and female, with folliculitis. Most medical insurances are accepted to treat folliculitis. Please click here to see before and after pictures of her patients, both male and female.