Acne and Why it Can Ruin Your Summer

by / Tuesday, 20 May 2014 / Published in Blog, Medical Dermatology

With Memorial Day just around the corner and warmer weather approaching North New Jersey, we are all shopping for sundresses and linen shirts, while awaiting the BBQS and time with loved ones. Given the harsh winter we all experienced in the Northeast, tank tops and swimsuits will be easily welcomed this summer. Unfortunately, this season is not as easy for some. Back acne, chest acne and cystic acne are all more prone to develop in the summer heat. Summer acne can be due to sweating, sun screen, and foods that you eat.


Dr. Goulko, dermatologist in Fort Lee, NJ, suggests to those that are prone to summer acne to take extra steps in caring for their skin. Acne treatments that clean your pores from oils, yeast, and other debris are highly recommended by dermatologists. Acne treatments should be done by a professional under the supervision of a dermatologist to ensure best results.

Sunscreens are a must if one spends a lot of time in the sun. However, for patients who are prone to acne and breakouts should seek a dermatologist for a consultation regarding an oil free sunscreen best suitable for their skin type.  Your skin is very unique to you, it is not always best to use the common name products that are designed to fit the general public.

Healthy nutrition is important all year round, especially in the summer. Research shows that white grains such as pasta rice and bread along with sweets are linked to acne. Seeking an examination with a dermatologist who can pinpoint the cause of your acne will help you to choose better foods for clearer skin.


Before you populate your summer with outdoor activities and other exciting events, make an appointment with a dermatologist for a consultation on controlling summer acne.

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